Aguila .22 LR Supermaximum Hyper Velocity HOLLOW POINT

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ballistic demo of aguila HOLLOW POINT supermaximum hyper velocity bullets. These are pretty much the fastest .22 lr rounds on the market. they produce about 204 ft pounds of energy and travel about 1750FPS.
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25 Responses to “Aguila .22 LR Supermaximum Hyper Velocity HOLLOW POINT”
  1. a2redneck says:

    Wow thoses Aguila .22 LR ultra supermaximum mega hyper omega velocity are pretty awesome. lol

  2. libertyphoenix777 says:

    @CornMakesWhiskey Cool, Thanks!

  3. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @libertyphoenix777 $30 for 500

  4. libertyphoenix777 says:

    @CornMakesWhiskey Sounds cool! How much do they cost?

  5. mark3smle says:

    @CornMakesWhiskey Well, every once in a while I get hollow points. I just open them further for fun on bottles and such. Pretty spectacular. But I do not touch my solids. They have the penetration needed to reach those vitals. I used them on coyotes at longer ranges and they do quite well.

  6. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @mark3smle Yea, that would probably put the hurt on any would be criminal. I wouldnt open the solids up with a knife… it lowers their weight and will affect the penetration and kinetic energy… I would just buy the hollow point version if I were you.

  7. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @MrBogologo Good question, I doubt they are too bad for the gun and it’s not like I exclusively shoot these; so for me it’s not a real concern… Plus I noticed that these tend to group a little weird, they shoot a few inches higher and to the right compared to standard .22 ammo…. So I dont use them for target practice, I think it has to do with the twist rate of the rifling… a normal .22 barrel was intended to have optimal accuracy with a mid weight slow moving round. not these.

  8. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @abzdefg321123 The solid tip ones penetrated damn near the whole block….. it’s not the penetration that makes these special, it’s the massive hydrostatic shock & fragmentation… Plus they have the highest kinetic energy of any .22lr round in production & they dump all of that energy; very quickly into the target. These will turn any flesh they hit into pure hamburger; normal .22′s will just poke holes.

  9. abzdefg321123 says:

    yeah yeah.. ok it’s fast.. but the trade off is lousy penetration…

  10. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @dddortega bought a case of 500 at a local gun show for like $30.

    I think cabela’s has them too but dont quote me on that.

  11. dddortega says:

    where did u get these rounds @

  12. MrBogologo says:

    @CornMakesWhiskey What about damage to your gun after long term use?

  13. mark3smle says:

    i keep aguila solids for home defense and i also had hollowpoints that i opened up with a knife. Those things will simple blow a jug into the air. Thanks for sharing.

  14. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @libertyphoenix777 damn skippy… these arn’t your granddads 22 rounds.

  15. libertyphoenix777 says:

    From a .22!

  16. libertyphoenix777 says:

    My GOD, look at that!

  17. midnamechip says:

    I like the clay media, thanks for testing

  18. microminiskirt says:


  19. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @microminiskirt I have not tested stingers before. I can tell you that the aguila generate more velocity & energy than stingers do. 1750FPS is no joke; segmented or not these HP rounds fragment into many many pieces & leave a devastating cavity. They are also reliable… I have not yet come across one that failed to fire.

  20. microminiskirt says:

    How does this Aguila HP fair against the CCI segmented Stinger HP and regular Stinger HP?

  21. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @Airsoftpsyco1423 I don’t have any on hand, but I think i could tell you what they would do. From my experience they would probably make a 1-1.5in entry hole in clay and penetrate 8-10 inches depending on clay consistency.

    i accidentally left my clay block sitting out for about a day or so, and it is a little harder but not too big of a difference.

  22. Airsoftpsyco1423 says:

    @CornMakesWhiskey Awesome, Thanks man! While you’re at it, could you do a test of the remington subsonics? Those are the main rounds I use, and I don’t want to buy clay.

  23. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @Airsoftpsyco1423 I actually had a video like that, but it got corrupted and wouldn’t upload.
    30gr supermax hyper velocity rounds blow a hole at least twice as wide as standard velocity 36gr cheapo bullets. However, the penetration is less with 30gr supermax rounds, The hollow point supermaxs’ will make about a 7inch deep hole you can stick your fist in w/ extreme fragmentation. The fmj 30gr will make a similar hole w/ more penetration. 36gr go almost 12in.

    I will upload a new vid soon.

  24. Airsoftpsyco1423 says:

    You need to do a comparison in clay against easily purchased bullets, like cci stingers, or winchester 36g hollowpoints. Please?

  25. CornMakesWhiskey says:

    @EliteAmericans I think for game that size this would be an excellent round, from my 10/22 these hollow points will basically cut a squirrel in half, birds explode, and rabbits are no match. Give them a try.

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